Yamuna Expressway is the most hi-tech highway in the country today. Built with an intention to provide the commuters with a safe, secure and convenient way to travel between Agra & Greater Noida; the Yamuna Expressway boasts of having state of art “Intelligent Transportation Systems” to facilitate these objectives.

  • Observe all the signs on the expressway and enter the correct lane. Avoid unnecessary lane changes.
  • In case of manual pay mode, the toll collector will classify your vehicle and inform the toll fare accordingly. In case of smart tag, your fare will be automatically deducted and displayed on the screen next to the toll booth.
  • You have multiple options to pay. For details, refer to How to pay section. To ensure a smoother drive, please do register yourself for a Smart Tag.
  • Pay the requisite amount and exit the lane.

Travel Tips

  • Please ensure that you follow the correct lane at the Toll Plazas.
  • Please do observe and obey all the signs along the expressway
  • they are there to help you.
  • Drive within the prescribed speed limit. Over speeding is dangerous for you and other fellow travelers.
  • Adjust speed to road conditions and traffic around you. Reduce speed during inclement weather conditions.
  • Always overtake from right after giving proper indication.
  • Stop your vehicle only at the hard shoulder and put the parking light on.
  • Please slow down when entering and exiting toll plazas.
  • Please proceed only after observing the Green traffic signal at the toll gate.
  • Please ensure that you have enough fuel to cover the journey. Also, check the oil and water level of your vehicle.
  • In case of an emergency, you may contact us using the nearest road side Emergency Call Box (ECB) or the Toll free No.1800 – 102 – 7777. You may seek help from nearest highway patrol / security team, for prompt assistance.
  • Don’t stop the vehicle at a lonely spot unless there is any emergency.
  • Don’t drive in a zigzag, rash or negligent way.
  • Don’t use mobile phone while driving.
  • Don’t drive if you are drunk.
  • Don’t block the right extreme lane. Drive in the middle lane.
  • Please do not over speed on the expressway.

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