Safety & Security

The entire Expressway is lined with metal beam crash barrier on both sides and wire fencing
State-of-the-art Highway Traffic management System for safe & secure passage. Strategically positioned Fire Fighting / Quick Response Vehicles, Route Patrol Vehicles and Security Vehicles to deal with any emergency.

Wide and well marked lanes with clear markings all along, and distinctive road markings at the junction of diversions, merging points, interchanges, ramps etc. Retro-reflective cat eyes for night driving. Replete with signage boards comprising Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs and Informatory Signs.

Median openings at every 5 kms to take care of smooth traffic movements during the periods of accidents, road repairs/ maintenance etc.

Most advanced ITS System

Yamuna Expressway is the most hi-tech highway in the country today. Built with an intention to provide the commuters with a safe, secure and convenient way to travel between Agra & Greater Noida; the Yamuna Expressway boasts of having state of art “Intelligent Transportation Systems” to facilitate these objectives.

Get a glimpse of the ITS Systems that are installed on the expressway:
• Best-In-Class “RF-iD” (Radio Frequency Identification) based
• Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System for all existing 32 lanes at each Toll Plaza
• State-of-the-art Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)
• Corridor Control Management
• Yamuna Expressway Central Control Centre (CCC)

All three Main Toll Plazas (MTP) equipped with best-in-class “RF-iD” based Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System, for non-stop passage of vehicles with pre-paid tags.

Handling capacity of MTPs - 16 lanes on each side of the Expressway, all with ETC

Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)
• Surveillance Camera after every 5 Kms on an average
• Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)
• Speed Monitoring and Vehicle Recognition System
• Variable Message Signs (VMS)
• Meteorological System
• Speed Monitoring and Recognition System to ensure disciplined driving.

Emergency Call Boxes (ECB) at every 2 kms on either side of the Expressway - Emergency Call Boxes(ECB) have been placed at every 2Kms to provide the road user an emergency communication channel to seek help in case og emergency. These call boxes will have hands-free operation and will be able to connect the user instantly to the control centre to seek assistance.

One of its kind, 12m wide Variable Message Sign Boards for display of information and warnings on weather, speed restrictions, traffic load, diversion etc.

System Integration and Centralized Monitoring & Control:
• Fibre-optic network for systems convergence to the sub-control and Central Control Centres.
• Central Control Centre of the Expressway, with large Video Wall plotting “Dynamic Road Map”
• Round-the-Clock Fast Response Teams with specially designed custom-built vehicles for first level support to road users.

For emergency response of any nature; the expressway will have designated teams on a 24*7 basis equipped with specially designed vehicles. These vehicles are custom-built based on international standards and equipped with relevant tools for giving first level support to road users. The vehicles themselves will be monitored using a “Vehicle Tracking System” and “Mobile Radio” which will facilitate easy tracking and reliable communication.

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